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Success Story

The success in employment is the finalization of the work of the management staff and professors, in this context, the institutions deeply concerned to track students’ employment policies.


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Faculty of Economy

Faculty of Economy (FE) since in its early stages of establishment has clearly defined the vision, mission and goals of its activity…

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Scientific Research

In terms of policy research Professional Business Academy, has in its organization chart the research center for both respective faculties, for the realization …

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Professional  Training’s

In Professional Business Academy is well established the “Institute for Research and Application in Business (ISAB)”, which operates …

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Faculty of Law

Law’s Faculty motto “Veritas, Virtus, Libertas”, is made this way in order to fill perfectly all the standards of a faculty where new generation of jurists is being prepared …

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Students Life

|Information about students life, student’s government, and other activities

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PBA, according to it’s fulfillment of the strategic mission and vision, connected to the matching point of the academic offer with the labor market demands, not only ……..

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